These images are part of a large collection of works; mostly watercolour, mixed media and inks on paper. Medium to small formats, they were created between the years 1998 and 2000.

Some of the subjects are very somber, they emerge from the unconscious and represent the forces of negativity. Horror is part of life so much as beauty is, and both have the power to stir the soul from slumber.

The work selected here represents a closing period for me, that of traditional learning. After that I became involved with digital media and that brought a radical change to my artistic production.


mixed media 1999

The Relic
watercolour 1999

collage, mixed media 1998

La Veille d'Armes
mixed media 2000

L'Apprenti du Sorcier
watercolour 1998

Infernal Scene
mixed media 2000

An Old Sketch
ink 1998

Torments of the Damned
watercolour, ink 1998

mixed media 1998

mixed media 2000