Carving stones, pieces of wood, bones or glass... engraving their surfaces and inscribing them. Working with metal and fire, to shape, to assemble or embellish. With tools made following the ancestral techniques of antiquity, to emboss and chase out sheets of metal, to weave wire and thread.
These are the ways of crafting by skilled hand and a disciplined mind. Concentration and careful executions are the reward of great persistency, practice and experimentation are an ongoing way for a sculptor. For me the start was also an early one: as a child I felt very drawn to carving and working with clay. Since then I have produced a great number of different objects.
I would describe them as ritual items, for the scale involved and the connotations of the imagery employed. Gods and spiritual beings make appearance, creatures of nightmare and dream. Raw and primitive lines, geometric patterns and cryptic symbols etched over the natural texture of rocks, chosen to become markers and tokens of dormant memories regained. Cult images of unknown devotion, elusive despite their earthy simplicity, they bespeak the forgotten ways of ancient paganism.