ere you find a cross-section of my graphic work in the past decades: A number of tableaux in a broad spectre of techniques; from ink and watercolours to digital imaging. They draw inspiration from the mysticism of the gothic era. In a conceptual exploration of the aesthetics of antiquity, I have embraced the patient work of miniaturists and illuminators. Down to the pixel level... the very fabric of digital imaging.
In a very unique way the virtual canvas can be equated to the spiritual world of archetypes and magic that inspired medieval artists. A realm of imagination where the wondrous is real.
They have been divided up into galleries according to the period in which they were made, styles and subjects, et cetera.

The Oracle of the Rose
Mixed Media on Paper 1991
The Red Chamber
Mixed Media on Paper 1998 - 2000
Miniature Legends
Watercolour & ink on paper
Dreaming in Digital
When I changed the brush for a drawing tablet 2000 - 2002
At home with the River
Mixed Media on Paper 2007 - 2009
Recent Work
Ink on Paper 2010